Who We Are:

Premier is a brand stemming from a long-espoused tradition of entrepreneurship. Premier Hotels & Homes are created by seasoned business people bringing hospitality and functionality under one brand and one roof.

What We Offer:

Premier Hotels & Homes offer a bouquet of services to Indian hospitality and business sectors. Ranging from star category hotels to high-end private guesthouses; and corporate residences to serviced apartments. We are offering the best hospitality services to working professionals and even the student community.

Corporate Residences (CR):

What is CR?

Corporate Residences (CR)’ concept is designed and created to meet the exact needs of today’s corporate executives, expats and celebrities. However CR is not restricted to expats or luxury segments alone. We are catering the exact needs of SME and IT companies with cost effective residences purely prescribed by the client with their budget. We will cut-down on the overall cost, while providing necessary amenities and eliminating unnecessary luxuries and other stuff.


Office cum guest houses (OGH) & Office cum residences (OR)

Office cum Guest House (OGH)…Stemming from a long-espoused tradition of entrepreneurship, OGH is a concept created by seasoned business people for business people – bringing hospitality and functionality under one roof. The notion of an Office-cum-Guest House – OGH is the first of its kind to be brought to business life in India.

Premier – Hostels & Service Apartments

We take immense pleasure in presenting a brand new concept in Indian Hostel industry…“Premier Hostels”…pleasant, contemporary, business class yet economical hostels and service apartments stir your senses and awake to a new page in comfort & quality. We have a presence across the country nearby to prestigious universities,

Premier Business Centers & Lounges

The Premier initiative is aimed at solving the longstanding problem of economical business solutions for up-and-coming enterprises. Premier Business Centers are primed to service organizations looking to work from a well-equipped facility. We provide all the basic features needed to conduct profitable business.

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Dear Landlords…

Thank you for visiting our site… Welcome to Premier Hotels & Homes (PHH)

PHH is a professional organization offering corporate residences to clients worldwide. We take pride in our kaleidoscopic clientele. We are hosting global CEOs, embassies, foreign nationals and high profiled individuals. The bedrock of our success lies in providing tailor made services to meet the high expectations and needs of our clients.

We know that, for a successful organizational partnership, the owners/ landlord community is as important as the client. This is further strengthened by mutual respect, responsiveness and integrity.

We are aware of the pain that the property owners are facing today across the country with respect to on-time payments, maintenance, tenants causing inconvenience to neighborhood etc. Few owners faced complications while took over the property after the expiry of lease period. Handing over a flat, villa, or a bungalow to someone or a company is not at all easy task. We understand the expectations of owner community.

As an organization we value the quality of our services we provide to our clients and property owners. Part of it is based on our strong resolve for on-time payment to landlords. Few of our clients are retired high officials who depend on the rental income of their properties. We realize the mental and financial burden caused by delays in payment. Hence, whether or not the client has paid us on time, we make sure the property owners receive their payments promptly. That is why some of our landlords fondly call us ‘Santa Claus’. They have entrusted us with their best properties for a minimum of five to ten years duration with three to seven years lock-in period.

Issues, minor or major, are dealt with equally. We have in-house interiors, vendors, contractors technicians like plumbers, electricians, painters etc. to cater to all the needs of any size of properties immediately. When it comes to building maintenance, thanks to our vendors and contractors, all the properties are kept in clean and green conditions.

As stated earlier, our clients are reputed, quite sensible and respect the privacy of neighbors.

Finally, with regard to handing over of the property after the lease expires. You, being the property owner, may discuss and renegotiate the rental price and enter into a fresh agreement or you may opt to take the building/ property back. PHCR will always respect the decision of the owner.

We look forward to having a long-term, fruitful and wonderful association with you.Hearty welcome to join in Premier owner community…to list your property you may please contact,

Ph: +91 9966191122

E-Mail: mktg@premierhotelsandhomes.com


Warm Regards,

Premier Team