Corporate Residences (CR):

What is CR?

‘Corporate Residences (CR)’ concept is designed and created to meet the exact needs of today’s corporate executives, expats and celebrities. However CR is not restricted to expats or luxury segments alone. We are catering the exact needs of SME and IT companies with cost effective residences purely prescribed by the client with their budget. We will cut-down on the overall cost, while providing necessary amenities and eliminating unnecessary luxuries and other stuff.

Corporate Residences and homes is a unique endeavor, which provides comfortable, economical residences crafted to provide a holistic living environment coupled with all the necessities of executives.

Well-equipped with bespoke furnishings and business facilities, these residences ensure that a guest feels well looked-after and gets excellent value for their money. We respect the ways of elegant hospitality – all our properties promise quality, refined décor and interiors curated to please the senses.

Features & Advantages

We rely on the core values of our initiative to assure maximum guest satisfaction:

  • Sophisticated, elegant surroundings for work and relaxation
  • Dependable, customised services delivered by trained, dedicated personnel
  • Optimum attention to detail
  • Striving to ensure a delightful experience for each and every guest
  • Independent houses, villas, bungalows and decent flats can be converted as customised Corporate Residences.
  • Client branding (logo of the client will be printed on crockery, utilities, bed linen and at entrance/reception etc.)
  • To save the commuting expenses, the CR can set up with in the vicinity of the client-working place. Premier would offer 3 to 5 options and customize as per the client’s standards and requirements.
  • Savings will be 50 to 60% comparatively with star hotels.
  • Feel of the home and serenity will be assured with pleasant fragrances and a meditative environment to work or relax peacefully at every property of premier