Premier Business Centers & Lounges

The Premier initiative is aimed at solving the longstanding problem of economical business solutions for up-and-coming enterprises. Premier Business Centers are primed to service organizations looking to work from a well-equipped facility. We provide all the basic features needed to conduct profitable business.

Today’s global business scenario entails constant travel – movement from one place to the next. A businessperson tends to look for proximity between his place of habitat and his workplace. Such luxuries nowadays usually means shelling out the extra money for a 5-Star Hotel experience. The Premier concept is a refreshing break from this obligation. At Premier Business Center, guests can enjoy full-fledged boardroom facilities, meeting spaces and personalized catering. The Center is fully customizable to showcase our clients’ brand and provide an entirely bespoke experience.

These Centers are ideal for:

  • A new business looking to set up temporary workspaces before moving to their own premises.
  • Guests staying with us at our adjoining Offices-cum-Guest Houses. Business Center facilities are open to guests throughout their stay.
  • Local organizations looking for spaces to host important meetings or conduct interviews.

A value for money and an alternate to the 5-Star option, is the driving notion behind the Premier Business Center concept. We promise a customized experience for businesses on the lookout for both long-term and short-term solutions:

  • Office cabins for working alone or entertaining the occasional associate.
  • Lounges for informal discussions and meetings over armchairs and beverages.
  • Boardroom facilities for the all-important meeting fully equipped with screens, projectors and telecommunications.
  • High speed Wifi, Printing/Faxing and Telephones.
  • Pantry stocked with basic food and beverages.
  • Select venues come with dining spaces and chefs serving local and occidental dishes as per the guests’ gastronomic wishes.
  • On-demand professional services such as accounting and legal facilities.
  • Customizable décor and amenities for long-term clients.